About 2 Nonni

The Art of drying meats is a technique that has been used for thousands of years. What was once a necessity to preserve meats and ensure future meals is now part of an artisan practice for amazing flavors and textures for all to enjoy.

Over the years as science progressed, there have been different styles, techniques and recipes that have developed, especially for sausages, but we have stuck it out the old fashioned way!

Here at 2 NONNI we don't use fermenting agents, starter cultures, Nitrates or Nitrites... We use regular salt, proper temperatures, humidity control, time, and of course the proper squeeze. Making sausage this way leaves room for error, which is why you can't buy this in the stores. Everything we make is small batch, in a very controlled environment and strategically handled and monitored by us. We check and test everything for quality and consistency before making it available to the public.

The 2 NONNI family takes pride in our products and our reputation, and we guarantee satisfaction. Our sausage and capocollo is like nothing you have ever tasted! We use the styles and techniques passed down from generation to generation from our Nonni (grandparents) to us and we have developed our own recipe with amazing flavors that explode in your mouth! We are a small family business that wants to share our passion and the fruits of our labor with others who also have an appreciation for traditional, artisan foods.