Frequently Asked Questions

  • What makes 2 Nonni meats different from other meats?
      2 Nonni meats are the purest form of dried meat you will find. No Nitrates or Nitrites and no live cultures, fermenting agents or Sugars. This means that the only preservative we use is regular salt, just the way its been used for thousands of years. Salt, with the combination of proper Temperature, Timing, Airflow and Humidity control allows for the perfect environment to dry and preserve meats. 
  • How long will the meat last in the refrigerator after opening?
    •  2 Nonni meats are made with a natural drying process, so if they are not kept in a vacuum sealed bag or a jar of oil (this will protect the meat from oxygen between eating) then they will continue to slowly dry out and get harder. About 2 weeks is usually an allowable amount of time before the quality of the meat is affected.
  • What are the white spots on my sausage in the package?
    • Do not be alarmed if your sausage has white spots on the outside while it's still in the package. These white spots are air pockets and salt deposits that come out of the meat after being sealed. They are safe to eat but may be salty so we recommend peeling off the casing before eating it.
  • What do I do if my meat has a white powder on it after sitting in the refrigerator?
    • That powder is white mold and commonly grows on dried meats, but it is easily removed. There are several easy options of what to do in this situation. You can simply peel off the casing and the meat inside will be pure and unharmed, or you can just wipe it off. White vinegar is recommended to neutralize the bacteria but many people just use some oil or even water and wipe it off with a towel.
  • How do I peel the casing off of my sausage?
    • The quickest and most effective way to peel the casing off of sausage is to make a slit in the casing vertically from top to bottom with a sharp knife, just enough to cut through the outer layer of the casing. Then run the sausage under cold water and begin to slowly peel back the casing while the water runs over the sausage. Once the casing is removed, simply dry the meat with a towel, eat and enjoy!